High-clutch Anti-slip Rubber Roller

High-clutch Anti-slip Rubber Roller

Product Description

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High-clutch Anti-slip Rubber Roller
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Detail Specifications

Material: Of oil-/wear-resistant, white NBR nano pellets (Hs 85-90A) and oil-/wear-resistant, black NBR sheet (Hs 70-80A)

Anti-slip roller features excellent clamping force of steel-sheet, being especially suitable as tension roller.

Special rubber-roller with extra hardness, featuring excellent coefficient of elasticity and friction.

While roller is compressed under steel-sheet extension, the pellets and NBR sheet on the roller produce high degree of friction to lift off any grease and processing fluids on steel sheets.

Features of High-Clutch Anti-Slip Rubber Roller w/Extra Hardness:

1. Hardness: Rigid rubber pellet: Hs 85~90A; flexible rubber sheet: Hs 70~80A
2. Tensile strength: 70~250kg/cm2
3. Extendibility: 100~400%
4. Tear strength: 10~70kg/cm2
5. Heat resistance: 120℃
6. Two types of rubber with different hardness may be evenly blended
7. Percentage of rigid rubber surface area: 40~50%
8. Surface roughness value (Ra): May be made-to-order to customers’ schematics and specs